Prom Dress for Your Body Type - Tall and Thin

    Prom Dress for Your Body Type - Tall & Thin
    Finding the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body Type - Tall & Thin

    Finding the right prom dress is tough enough, but when you're tall and thin, getting the prom dress that will guarantee you are the belle of the ball can sometimes be a daunting task. In this article, we'll go over some easy ways you can accentuate your figure, and find the dress that is going to have you looking your absolute best.
    Prom Dress for Your Body Type - Tall & Thin

    First, let's make sure you fit my definition of tall and thin. To be considered tall, you are at least 5' 6". As for the thin part, let's say your hips and shoulders are about the same width, you don't really have any visible curves, and your bust is average size.

    When you are dress shopping, you have two choices to help you look your best; you can either try to enhance the features you don't have, or you can accentuate the features you do have. Let's explore both options.

    Prom Dress for Your Body Type - Tall & Thin

    If you really want to get those features you're missing, go for an empire style dress. It will give the appearance of a fuller chest, and by adding detail at the waistline of the dress, you can transform your straight figure into that hourglass figure the guys go crazy for. If you just want to add fullness to your shape, you should consider an A-line dress or some type of ball skirt. Another easy way to add definition to your shape, and break up the long line of your figure would be to buy a dress with patterns or just a lot of details.

    Prom Dress for Your Body Type - Tall & Thin

    If you're looking to accentuate your features, there are a few options. One would be a sheath dress - it would flow along your slim figure very gracefully. A tight, body skimming dress would give emphasis to your subtle curves, and if you really want to accentuate your long legs (and drive the boys wild) get a dress with a long slit. A few other ways to accentuate your figure would be going with an open neckline, a low V-neck, or a cutout back.

    Either way you go, confidence is the key to attracting the opposite sex, so make sure YOU feel sexy in your dress, because that's what is going to shine through your eyes.

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