Bold Fashion Wedding Dresses

    Bold Fashion Wedding Dresses

    Wedding Dresses That Make a Bold Fashion Statement

    Many brides are more than happy to wear a classic wedding gown with a fitted bodice and a flowing, fluid skirt. They will look beautiful, but there will be no big surprise for the guests as she floats up the aisle.

    For those who want to make more of a fashion statement on their big day, there are some tricks to setting yourself apart. With the right gown, you can be the bride in that fabulous gown that your guests long remember.

    Here are some key details that can help your wedding gown make a bold fashion statement.
    Bold Fashion Wedding Dresses

    The Neckline

    Since the first thing people will notice about a bride is her face, the upper torso is a great place to try something different. That means experiment with different necklines. Find one that works well with your bone structure, your hair and your figure:

    1.Off the Shoulder: Find a dress with straps that flare off your shoulders. If you want more than a strap, look for cap sleeves that sit just below your shoulders. This wide look will elongate your neck.

    2. Strapless: Before you are sure you want to wear a strapless gown, try it on and move around. It may be an incredibly glamorous dress, but if you are constantly pulling it up or looking uncomfortable, there will be no confidence in your demeanor - and you won't make any kind of bold fashion statement.

    3. Sweetheart: This heart-shaped bodice is similar to the strapless gown and carries the same pitfalls. It's not a matter of having enough chest area to hold it up - it's having the confidence to wear it.

    4. Spaghetti Strap: If you find you lack the confidence to go strapless, spaghetti straps might be the way you can wear that glamorous dress while being confident that it's not going to head south. The straps offer that little bit of insurance some brides need.

    5. V-neck: This neckline is a great way to draw all eyes upward. A wedding gown with a fitted, crystal-encrusted V-neckline is one that your guests will remember.

    6. Halter: A halter design can be used with several necklines. It pairs well with a shirt collar neckline, as straps on a strapless gown or with a keyhole halter bodice and beaded neckline, which offers a very sophisticated look.

    Bold Fashion Wedding Dresses

    7. One Shoulder: Now this is a way to make a fashion statement. An especially glamorous one-shoulder silk chiffon wedding dress features a floral layout along the strap and the same matching look along the hemline. Another design made of silk satin chiffon features one strap that forms a cap sleeve over the right shoulder. The bust features a unique cross-draped effect.

    The Fabric

    Yes, wedding gowns are almost always white or ivory, but that is where the similarities end. Fabrics can range from classics like satin to something more exotic, like Shantung. They can be natural like linen or cotton - or more elaborate:

    1. Charmeuse - A lightweight woven satin that comes in polyester or silk.

    2. Chiffon - Often used as an overlay fabric, chiffon is French for the word "cloth." It is a lightweight, plain woven sheer fabric. It can be a synthetic material, silk or cotton.

    3. Crepe de Chine - A gauzy fabric made of silk or polyester. It can also be made from wool, but that would not be seen in a wedding gown.

    4. Faille - Cotton, rayon or silk can be used to weave faille, a woven fabric with a lightly ribbed pattern like grosgrain ribbon.

    5. Garza - A soft, natural silk that is often used by couture designers. If it is made of Paris Garza, that is the same silk process created in Paris.

    6. Georgette - A slightly sheer fabric that is usually made of silk or polyester. It has a crepe texture. It isn't smooth, but it creates lovely flowing lines.

    7. Lace - Among the most delicate and traditional fabrics for wedding gowns.

    8. Linen - This fabric is not commonly used in wedding gowns because it lacks sheen. Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is one the coolest and most breathable fabrics.

    Bold Fashion Wedding Dresses

    9. Mikado - A heavy, blended silk that can create a crisper look than 100 percent silk.

    10. Satin - A tightly woven fabric, with varying degrees of sheen on one side.

    11. Shantung - This used to be called raw, or natural silk, and it has a nub to the grain of the fabric.

    12. Silk - This fabric comes from silkworm cocoons that are woven into a rich, lustrous fabric that can be dramatically draped.

    13. Taffeta - A smooth, crisp fabric that comes in different varieties: matte taffeta, satin-backed taffeta, double satin-faced taffeta and moiré taffeta.

    The Silhouette

    Most people are aware of the more common silhouettes used, like empire, A-line and ball gown. But if you want to make a fashion statement, consider going with a less-often used outline such as the fit-to-flare trumpet shape, which is fitted from the bust to mid-calf, where it flares out. Another choice might be the corset waist, which has a snug, bodice-fitting corset top that fits to your hips. Boning is used as an embellishment. It's somewhat bold, but that is what some brides are looking for.

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