The Best prom Dresses

    The Best prom Dresses

    How to Choose the Best Prom Dress

    One of the most memorable nights in a teen's life is the prom. It is the one night that a girl has the opportunity to dress-up in one of those jaw-dropping dresses.

    Here are some tips on how you can get the perfect prom dress for a very memorable prom night. You have to choose the right dress for your body shape.
    The Best prom Dresses

    • Apple Shaped -for this shape you will need a high waist line such as an empire cut dress to draw attention off the problem area. If you have stunning legs, then a shorter hemline will also help.

    • Pear Shaped - I highly recommend a fitted top with a full a-line cut skirt. Haltered or spaghetti strapped dress will also create a nice touch. If you are comfortable with you asset, then a bit more fitted skirt to create a sexier figure will also be good.
    The Best prom Dresses

    • Busty Figure - for this type of asset you will need to choose a prom dress with an adequate support. A gorgeous neckline to flaunt your asset will sure draw attention. But you have to make sure to get a dress with full coverage. But if you are not comfortable with what you have, then a great way to do it is to choose a dress which will attract the eyes somewhere else.

    • Slender Type -for slim type figure, try making an illusion that will draw attention to the bust line or your waist. A lower neckline or a belted dress will make an illusion of curves.

    The Best prom Dresses

    • Petite - for petite girls, you need to show some legs. You can also choose a long fitted prom dress to give an illusion of an added height. Avoid floor length gowns. Ruffled dress will also add some height as well.

    • Hourglass Figure - with an hourglass figure you can do everything. This mean that you have a well-proportioned body and you don't need to worry about creating an illusion of some sort. Any dress style will be perfect for you.

    Now, with all these tips you can enjoy your prom night with your date. Have fun!

    Article Source: By Keith B Carrey
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