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Find Wedding Dress Fabrics

    Find Wedding Dress Fabrics
    A Guide to Wedding Dress Fabrics

    When looking for your wedding dress, there's a great deal of choice when it comes to fabric - and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to make a decision, or work out the right fabric for you. Many dresses are made from materials that you wouldn't normally wear for your day-to-day clothes, so it's handy to know what to look for, and the different attributes of each type of fabric. Here's a general guide to wedding dress fabrics and how to wear them:

    Taffeta: Taffeta is a popular choice for wedding gowns as it is useful to create structure and shape. A fairly heavy fabric, taffeta has a stiff weave and is made from silk or a silk mix. Great for big gowns and full skirts, taffeta comes in matte or with a slight sheen.

    Find Wedding Dress Fabrics

    Tulle: Tulle is a slightly stiff, fine net fabric that can be used to add fullness and structure. Made from silk or a silk mix, tulle is light and sheer and is often used to make trains and veils.

    Duchess satin: This is a luxurious fabric; smooth and rich. Often chosen for traditional and simple dresses, Duchess satin also combines wonderfully with structured wedding gowns. Made from a heavy silk or silk-rayon blend, this fabric is beautifully glossy and looks expensive.

    Chiffon: A classic fabric for wedding dresses, chiffon is a sheer fabric that is usually combined with heavier materials to add detail to wedding gowns, such as cut out sections or sleeves. It can also be used to create layers, underskirts, veils and trains, with its wonderful draping properties.
    Find Wedding Dress Fabrics

    Silk georgette: This is a light, floaty silk fabric that can be used as a sheer layer over skirts, bodices, as a veil or train. Adding a draping, flowing element to any bridalwear, silk georgette is great for loose-style wedding dresses.

    Organza: Organza is much like georgette, except it has a little more body and stiffness, helping to create shape and structure in your dress.

    Wedding dress made from taffeta and organza

    Italian satin: This fabric is a manmade silk mix that is versatile and resistant to creasing. Great for any style of wedding dress, Italian satin is adaptable and has a smooth, silky finish.

    Velvet: Best for winter weddings due to its heaviness, velvet is a sumptuous fabric that can look wonderful with patterns, embroidery or other detailing. Velvet comes in lots of different weights and thicknesses, and can be used creatively to provide both draping and structure.

    Find Wedding Dress Fabrics

    Don't pass by non-traditional dresses and fabrics, however. Some jersey and simple cotton dresses can be great for summer weddings, with their loose and draping qualities. You can also adapt the fullness of skirts with the addition of underskirts and petticoats, and add to your bridal look with veils and detachable trains.

    Whatever fabric you choose for your wedding dress, make sure you take time to feel and try on a variety of dresses to see which is most comfortable and flattering. Some very structured gowns, or those that have in-built corsets, can be very heavy and cumbersome. If you plan on doing lots of dancing at your wedding you might want to consider a second outfit to change into. You also need to take into account what time of year you'll be getting married in - some fabrics are heavier and hotter than others and you don't want to be sweating or freezing on your big day!

    Other materials used for wedding dresses include a variety of silks, satins and cottons, and detailing such as pearls, sequins, diamonds, silk flowers and feathers.

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Wear Wedding Gloves

    Wear Wedding Gloves
    How to Wear Wedding Gloves Properly

    A pair of wedding gloves is a chic addition to your wedding ensemble, but it also could be disastrous if it doesn't match with your wedding dress. So it is important to consider the lengths, fabrics and styles carefully to select a pair of wedding gloves that corresponds with your dress best.

    Formality of the Wedding

    First of all, you need to consider how formal your wedding will be and then to decide whether it is necessary to wear gloves. Traditionally, if you're going to hold an ultra-formal wedding, such as a formal church wedding, then a pair of wedding gloves is a must to complement your stunning gown. Furthermore, you should know that the length of gloves is consistent with the wedding formality.
    Wear Wedding Gloves

    Sleeve Length of the Wedding Gown

    Normally, the sleeve length of the wedding gown should be taken into consideration before choosing a pair of gloves. If you wear a dress with sleeves that end just above your elbow, wearing mid-length gloves can be a nice option. You may choose not to wear gloves if you wear a long-sleeve gown. Shorter gloves match well with dresses that have short or long sleeves, On the other hand, long elbow or above elbow length gloves look great with a sleeveless or strap-less wedding dress.

    Color of the Wedding Glove

    Make sure that the color of your gloves matches the color of your wedding dress. If your bridal gown is white, choose white gloves. When your gloves do not coordinate with the color of your beautiful bridal dress, they should spoil your overall look.
    Wear Wedding Gloves

    Fabric of the Wedding Glove

    Gloves are made of various materials like silk, satin, lace and cotton. If you want your wedding dress to be adorned with a lovely pair of gloves, remember to match the fabric of your gloves to your wedding gown. For instance, if your wedding dress is made of satin, you should choose satin gloves. We also need to consider the season when a wedding is held, such as soft materials like cotton, lace, tulle and silk are popular options for summer wedding and matte cotton is the best choice in fall.

    Wear Wedding Gloves

    Style of the Wedding Gown

    The style of the bridal gown is the most important thing you need to consider when you intend to choose a pair of wedding gloves. Keep in mind that the style of the wedding gloves should match the overall style of your bridal wear. For example, simple gloves may match well with fancy dresses and fancy gloves may look great with simple dresses. If you wear a wedding dress with a long train, a pair of lace gloves will be an elegant bridal accessory.

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