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    You are in the final stages of the planning of your wedding. You are purchasing your wedding accessories that you need for your ceremony. You have purchased your unity candles, flower girl basket and oh do not forget the ring bearer pillow. Well below I have listed some of the more popular ring bearer pillows below.

    Butterfly ring bearer pillow

    Make your wedding day filled with a little bit of nature. This ring pillow includes a sterling silver-plated butterfly charm that can be easily removed from the layered satin ribbon. The butterfly charm can be worn again on a necklace or charm bracelet. This is a great ring bearer pillow for a spring or outdoor wedding.
    Ring Bearer

    Rose bud ring bearer pillow

    This rose bud ring pillow will add an elegant touch to your wedding day. This lovely ring pillow is made of a rich matte satin fabric and adorned with a bouquet of rosebuds. This is one of the more popular ring bearer pillows around.
    Ring Bearer

    Carriage ring holder

    You will feel like Cinderella when you place your ring inside this fairytale inspired keepsake box and your ring bearer walks it down the aisle. The ring holder features blue velvet lining, removable magnetic carriage box, and movable wheels. The box can be removed from the base to make a nice presentation of your wedding ring. Place the carriage ring holder on a ring pillow at your wedding ceremony and it makes for a unique way to present your ring.
    Ring Bearer

    These are just a few of the very many ring bearer pillows around. When purchasing a ring bearer pillow just keep your style and budget in mind and you will find the perfect ring bearer pillow for your ceremony.

    Article Source: By Yolanda Nash
    Source URL: http://iowabride.blogspot.com/2011/07/ring-bearer-wedding.html
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