Silk Wedding Dresses

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    wedding dressesHow can you tell an ivory bridal dress is the perfect color for you? Can it be more than a “middle of the road” between 100 % pure white and champagne tones? Absolutely. To respond the first question, think of how pearls look against your skin. Have you usually liked the effect? Do not think of the style of pearls, that will be too traditional for you: rather, think of the tone itself. It’s possible you’ll be saying a resounding “yes” if you have olive or creamy skin. Also in the resounding “yes” category: dark-skinned women, especially those with rich dark brown tones. In cases like this you might want to think about a rich ivory colour, or perhaps a gold wedding dress. Creamy skin also looks wonderful in ivory, especially a paler shade of ivory.

    For those who have very fair skin you’ll likely want to avoid ivory in favor of white. This way your dress will be lighter than your skin tone,Source URL:
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