Favorite Pink Dress

    The adults used to say to us "Pink to make the boys wink", and traditionally its always been a lovely feminine colour regardless of current fashion trends.

    When you wear pink you will feel relaxed about your femininity, and it is a colour of love also so it works well when worn in romantic situations. Even in the work situation pink can be quietly assertive.

    There has been a resurgence of pink on the catwalks this season and also in the shops, which yet again is another sign of fashion
    wanting to be brighter and lighter during the economic difficulties.

    Now with this season's colour blocking trends you have a choice of matching the more girly pinks against the bolder, striking shades of pink. This can be done with a fantastic effect both with other shades of pink as well as other colours.

    Looking at New York's Fashion week in spring, the overall feel was kind of sweet, retro with free and easy feminine.

    A pink dress is the perfect addition to any wardrobe, and if chosen cleverly should stand the test of time.

    Choose a pink dress that accentuates the tone of your skin and the colour of your hair. Look for a flowing, smooth line that can adapt easily to different trends with jewellery, hair accessories and belts.

    Ideally choose a dress that has the flexibility to dress up or dress down. Materials such as cotton, jersey, lycra or blends work well. Depending on your personality and lifestyle you may wish to go for floral prints, or bold print, plain pinks or contrast colour blocking.

    The softer shades of pink are salmon pink and variations of this shade, whereas fuschias and hot pinks are vibrant options.

    So mix in with your chosen pink shade and style, the latest dress styles, such as asymmetrical or cocoon hem. Or choose a clasically feminine ditsy pink print summer dress.

    Forget about the traditional association with children and being too young, this season opens up the possiblity to wear pink in new ways. It is no longer necessary to wear pink and be too much of a "nice girl."

    Now it's time to wear pink in style, but with some frivolity at the same time if you like!

    There are two distinct shade categories; the romantic and the bright and fizzy.

    The trick is to have not too much little girly, sickly sweet pink so to balance this out with accessories or colour blocking. Less is more, and the same applies when your main shade is the fizzy, bright pink. Mute this down with a paler shade somewhere in your outfit, whether it be the clothes, shoes or jewellery.

    Accessories are always a key ingredient in your successful fashion outfit, so sometimes the easiest way to embrace pink can be with complementary accessories.

    Don't forget that there is also a huge range of pinks in make up around, and these make-up shades go from wonderfully bold shades which are great in lipsticks
    or nail polish, to the more dewy variations.

    Enjoy being pretty in pink.Source URL: http://iowabride.blogspot.com/2009/11/favorite-pink-dress.html
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