Shown Beautiful with Kebaya

    If you want to appear as a sexy woman, slim and elegant at every turn then just wearing good clothes. But the good not only for women but also berpostur ideal for pregnant women so that it will look more sexy and elegant. You can modify a little in Tailor Kebaya or buy a good form of the body it will provide exceptional results.

    Traditional Kebaya fashion short that almost do not have other nations that are able to make women in the body of any size can look sexy, slim and elegant.
    Only with the selection of materials, the model with the right postures and body color, when this modification is also good done by the various Tailor Kebaya.

    No wonder if good, which was only seen as a traditionally dressed now got a place in the hearts of women. Not only was the officer's wife but also celebrities. Many women are now not only put on good events, but also as a formal fashion their day-to-day.

    However, any form of model, Kebaya Kebaya Modern or Traditional, one thing that should not be left out of that is a matter of good grip or siluet form part of the body. Siluet this is the basis of good, and there are three kinds of melegenda among the Indonesian community that grip Sunda, Java and brackets.

    Perhaps owing to grip heritage is also the ancestor of women think that looks great bellies can still appear confident. Indeed, all depending on the design of clothing but wearing puring as it is in good part in the form of a corset or tight tanktop and bra senada color with good color itself.

    For material at this time is quite good variatif and clothing is no longer synonymous with brocade. But cotton, sifon, Thai silk, santung print materials and other pattern can also be good and no less interesting with a variety of color choices.

    If the first women tend to put on good old color as black, brown, maroon, gray and black. Now, many women choose a good skin color, white, ivory, yellow, golden, silver and other pastel colors no less elegant. Moreover, added with ornament payet, gold thread embroidery, corsage and other modern twist. You can try wearing kebaya young brown combined with a tight bodice with a prominent motif lipit.

    Berbusana wear kebaya with white ivory is perfect and the atmosphere in any weather. Try to as brocade trim accents throughout the arms and neck a grip on Sunda so this does not make clothes fit as the only clothes but also the special feast. Moreover, combined with the ancient motif batik cloth in 1930 and 1940 era-an with a modified back payet accents.

    To give an impression of truly modern kebaya with the arms of tile mixed. Kebaya white will appear with a shawl sifon senada styled neatly in one arm. Let selandang wide menjutai this one with a knot tied in the golden brooch.

    Kebaya with cotton, silk, santung print that comes with a variety of discounts such as blazer, kimono, brackets, with accents of embroidery and lace. But most of the good is almost without payet and is perfect worn with denim shorts, but also cotton glove and scarf print.

    Model kebaya is so Kebaya Modern young women and young people do not have to fuss with the complete appearance konde. Kebaya can appear as a casual blouse with net decoration. To be more prominent kebaya modern innards this combined with the contrast.Source URL:
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